Traducciones Inglés - Español

Watza Lab proporciona traducciones culturalmente precisas y relevantes en
Inglés-Español para conectar a nuestras comunidades.

A continuación compartimos algunos testimonios de nuestros clientes.


“I am the director of a government agency. Watza Lab handles creative design and Spanish translation for our newsletter, our Annual Report and all of our social media platforms. One of Watza Lab’s first strategic plans was to create an informational graphic campaign for us. Each graphic describes, in English and in Spanish, a single fact about our agency, a frequently asked question, or a description of our work. A different informational graphic is posted to our social media platforms and in our newsletter on a regular basis. Since we contracted with Watza Lab, our newsletter subscriber base and our following on social media has grown exponentially. Watza Lab is very responsive, gets our projects turned around quickly and the Spanish translation is impeccable. I would highly recommend Watza Lab for creative planning, design and Spanish translation.”

—Karlene Navarro, Executive Director, IOLERO Sonoma County

2019-2020 Annual Report



“When it comes to translation services, I look for someone that not only knows the language, but can translate in a way that culturally makes sense. Ricardo is excellent at authentic written and live oral translations that are always true to the original message. In my line of work, Spanish translation is a key way of providing equitable and timely access to services and information. Ricardo is incredibly responsive to these needs and is very easy to work with. Additionally, many native Spanish speakers I work with are incredibly appreciative of Ricardo’s thorough and clear translations. I highly recommend WATZA LAB to anyone looking for responsive, top notch, and authentic Spanish translations.”

—Aleena Decker, County of Sonoma
Economic Perspective 2021


“Ricardo and his team at Watza Lab has been a tremendous help in Mendocino County Public Health’s efforts to reach our Spanish-speaking community, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. During a time where getting factual and up-to-date information out to our residents is crucial, Watza Lab has provided translation for many of our Public Health press releases, educational materials, and has even gone as far as providing live translation during our video updates.
“Watza Lab is one of a kind, because they take culture into consideration when translating, making it easier for our Spanish-speaking residents to stay up-to-date on public health issues. (Goodbye Google Translate!) In reality, their translation work is likely saving lives by educating the public to the fullest extent possible.”

—Ashley Toxqui, Public Information Officer, Mendocino County Department Operations Center: COVID-19.
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“For the Sonoma County Office of Education, communicating to Spanish-speaking families is a critical part of our mission. Ricardo Ibarra and the team at Watza Lab have helped us accomplish this through high-quality live translation as well as recorded translations to help us tell our stories through video. They are always very responsive and able to help on a tight deadline. It has been a pleasure to work with them!”

—Jamie Hansen, Director of Communications, Sonoma County Office of Education
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