El Gallo Negro
Branding, online content and multimedia

Branding, multimedia and online strategies.

Bar & Mezcaleria
Windsor, California

“A step back is only to gain impulse.”

El Gallo Negro

Heavy hitter Bay Area restaurant entrepreneurs, the Diaz Brothers wanted a full rebranding overhaul for their upscale Oaxacan restaurant in Windsor, California. We developed their logo, original music, animation, videos, website and social media. At the heart of our work is a specialized design strategy that draws inspiration from El Gallo Negro’s extraordinary cocktail recipes and their one-of-a-kind mole negro.

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Everyone in town called him ‘El Gallo Negro.’
Bravest rooster on the block.
His eyes and feathers were black as polished onyx stones.
Fear moved him forward; never looked back.
Walked towards danger with absolute confidence.
Not a wall. Not a cage. Nor the uncertain would stop him.
Unrestrainable. Looking. Breathless.

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