Mole Diaz Bros
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Mole Diaz Bros is an exotic, rich and fragrant sauce made from 20 plus fresh ingredients to pour over veggies, meats and seafood.

Since 2010, Mole Diaz Bros sparked a new approach to mole. In California’s Wine Country they introduced a blend of their rich, natural, fragrant mole with local red wine tasting. The North Bay’s food scenario would never be the same after they introduced artisanal produced mezcal, a powerful and smoky spirit imported from the mountains and valleys of Oaxaca.

Mole is a mix, It’s our mom and dad
Mole runs through us
Mole is in our brothers and sisters
Mole is our ancestors and next generations
Mole is a mixture of spices, ingredients; cultures
An expression of love; diversity
Mole is our celebration to life. A holiday. A feast. A fiesta!